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Freedom, Justice and Equality

Our Mission is to unify Afrodescendants around the issues of self-determination, Human Rights and reparations for the development of a Nation with peace and liberty through fair, equitable and just laws.

The Term Afrodescendant

In 2002, at a United Nations Conference for the Rights of Minorities in La Ceiba, Honduras, nineteen (19) countries from North America, South America, Central America and throughout the slavery diaspora gathered.

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Your financial support is greatly needed to continue the work in the international arena regarding the issue of reparations for all Afrodescendants. We appreciate your financial support, service and time for the organization.

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Afrodescendants are experiencing Ethnogenesis, the re-establishment of the mind or the “Resurrection” of a people who have lost the identity of 'Self' due to 400 years of "Slavery."


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