National Plebiscite on Reparations Campaign

Why Vote? By voting individuals are making their voices heard and actively contributing to the pursuit of reparations and self-determination for Afrodescendants.

  • The VOTE is the registration process of getting (a minimum of one million Black people) lined up and organized with us; and registered into our movement for reparations.
  • The VOTE is getting consent from our people to adopt Afrodescendant as their lawful identity.
  • The VOTE results are ballots that we will take to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to get the important ruling that we are Afrodescendants, and the defendants owe us reparations.
  • The VOTE results will secure the Afrodescendant Nation and our partners space inside the United Nations and all Human Rights Forums worldwide.

Types of Reparations can include land or territory, individual payments, institutions that help our people. Other types include the restitution of human rights; physical rehabilitation; housing, health care, or education. Reparations can also take the form of revealing the truth about the violations themselves and providing guarantees that they will not be repeated.

Self-Determination gives us complete control over their own affairs as a people and the ability to govern themselves. Self-determination can empower communities and foster long-term solutions to address systemic issues.

Identity: "Afrodescendant" is our legal identity (nationality) which does not void or usurp any other cultural, political, racial, organizational, or religious names or labels that individuals currently identify with. Afrodescendant is the glue that binds us together as a people who are descendants of enslaved Africans. Our new identity Afrodescendant lays the foundation in which reparations can be paid from one nation to another.

Cast your vote for Reparations Now!