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Our Mission

Our mission is to unify Afrodescendants around the issues of self-determination, Human Rights and reparations, for the development of a Nation of peace and liberty, through fair, equitable and just laws.

What is Afrodescendant?

…I learned from several forums in the United Nations that a large contingency of our people, mainly Latin Americans from the slavery diaspora, were calling themselves Afrodescendant. As early as 2000, in Santiago, Chile, the term was first heard at a United Nations forum…

– Silis Muhammad

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Working Definition of Afrodescendant

The term, Afrodescendants, refers to descendants of peoples who:

  • were forcibly dispossessed of their homeland, Africa;
  • were transported to the Americas and Slavery Diaspora for the purpose of enslavement;
  • were subjected to slavery;
  • were subjected to forced mixed breeding and rape;
  • have experienced, through force, the loss of mother tongue, culture, and religion;
  • and/or have experienced racial discrimination due to lost ties or partially lost ties from their original identity.

*Afrodescendants are experiencing Ethnogenesis, the re-establishment of the mind or the “Resurrection” of a people who have lost the identity of ‘Self’ due to 400 years of “Slavery.”

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Do you self identify as Afrodescendant?

I am Afrodescendant

The Blueprint for Afrodescendants

The peoples and Governments of the world are well aware of the duplicity of the United States Government as it calls for Human Rights and democracy while continuing, to this day, systematic discrimination against and disenfranchisement of its Afrodescendant population– the inheritors of the legacy of plantation slavery (the so-called African-Americans). While we recognize that moral leadership is the tone that the United States Government wishes to convey to the world, it has failed to take the key moral action that would begin to repair the ongoing wrong that has existed since the very inception of this Government. Does anyone recognize the significance of this key to peace?

– Silis Muhammad

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Why Reparations?

  • To repair the damage and lingering effects of plantation slavery.
  • To restore us to a state of independence and self-determination.
  • To govern ourselves according to our wishes and desire.
  • To attain true freedom, justice and equality on some of this earth that we can call our own.

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Work on Behalf of Afrodescendants in the United Nations

The Honorable Silis Muhammad has presented many interventions both oral and written before the United Nations (UN) on behalf of Afrodescendants (descendants of enslaved Africans in the Americas Region and the Slavery Diaspora). He also was instrumental in getting the UN to host Regional Seminars for Afrodescendants. Some of the most notable were in Santiago, Chile 2000, La Ceiba, Honduras 2002 and Chincha, Peru. The Honorable Silis Muhammad’s work continues in educating Blacks/African-Americans concerning how our global identity, Afrodescendant, connects us to the 250 million Afrodescendants of the Western Slavery Diaspora.

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