National Reparations Convention 2023 - A Uniting ForceOctober 7, 2023

Georgia State University, Atlanta. October 7 & 8, 2023

The National Reparations Convention, hosted by the Afrodescendant Nation, brought together a cadre of influential Reparations leaders, all of whom are dedicated to obtaining long overdue reparations for Afrodescendants.

The term Afrodescendents refers to the descendants of peoples who:

  • were forcibly disposed of their homeland, Africa;
  • were transported to the Americas and Slavery Diaspora for the purpose of enslavement;
  • were subjected to slavery;
  • were subjected to forced mixed breeding and rape;
  • have experienced, through force, the loss of mother tongue, culture, and religion;
  • and/or have experienced racial discrimination due to lost ties or partially loss ties from their original identity.

Defining the term gave power to the name, Afrodescendant, which offers African-Americans, Black people, a just people, the global identity, Afrodescendant.

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The conference was kicked off by Mr. Robert Stubblefield, MC, who led the first and second panel discussions on the topics of full, complete and true reparations; the history of reparations and why should Afrodescendants engage reparations from a unified front on the local, national and internal levels.

The panelists included, Dr. Akilah Mukarram, President, The Afrodescendant Nation, Kamm Howard, Founder Reparations United, Harriet AbuBakr, Esq, Lead Counsel, The Afrodescendant Nation; Dr. Cheryl Grills, Professor, California Reparations Commission; Dr. Akinyele Umoja, Professor Georgia State University, African American Studies; Prince Yosef Ben Asiel Ambassador, Hebrew Israelite Nation; Woullard Lett, National Co-Chair, N’COBRA, Reginald Muhammad, Founder National Reparations Institute, Atlanta, Marcus Coleman, Vice Chair, Reparations Task Force, Fulton County, Atlanta and Tylon Washington, The Restitution Study Group. Anita Belle, Founder Reparations Labor Union, N’COBRA Detroit Chapter.

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The 4 working group sessions, led by Dr. Cheryl Grills, Malik Z. Shabazz, Khalfani Mukarram, and Dr. Akilah Mukarram, covered a range of topics including forms and types of reparations; lineage vs generation based vs race based reparations; the legislative path to how we get reparations; what is a plebiscite and how will it help us legislatively, and the national legislative effort. Also discussed was the vision for self-determination including what we will do with reparations when we get it, where we will be, and must we separate from America? The outcomes of the discussions are all leading up to a comprehensive, unified Strategic Reparations Plan.

Later Saturday evening, the Town Hall was kicked off with song performances by Pastor Victoria Brady and Rap artist Kamaal Shabazz. The 90 minute Q & A session was keynoted by Attorney Malik Z. Shabazz, who delivered a dynamic presentation on the “Necessity of Unity, by Any Means Necessary”.


The session opened with report outs from the working group sessions followed by an informative presentation by Natsu Taylor Saito, Esq., Georgia State University, College of Law on Redressing Historic Wrongs: Options and Objectives.

The keynote address was delivered by the Honorable Silis Muhammad, CEO of the Lost Found Nation of Islam, who was introduced by his Chief Minister Najee Muhammad. Minister Najee explained how Silis Muhammad has worked tirelessly over 40 years to bring this level of leadership together. During Silis Muhammads keynote address, Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq, President of Black Lawyers for Justice, was appointed and unanimously voted in as the “Conductor” of the National Reparations Movement for Afrodescendants.

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In closing, a Q&A session panel including Ishmael Abdul-Salaam, Governing Chair, and Ajani Mukarram Governing member of All for Reparations and Emancipation delivered closing statements on the path moving forward at the international level.

In Summary

This historic event is the first step towards the establishment of a Black United Nation, where we can address our shared concerns and seek reparations for the injustices we have endured for well over 400 years. It was a breath of fresh air to hear our brothers and sisters agree that the route to remedy is parallel

Commented Queen Christina Clement, one of the Convention participants. Her sentiment was echoed by many who felt that the Convention marked a turning point in the fight for reparations.”

Afrodescendants are not a monolithic group – we are forming a plebiscite whereby all members regardless of their religion, political stances, station in life can put their differences aside as we plan our united approach to remedy. We can and we will come together on the best form of reparations for us all. It’s all about Unity. “The National Reparations Conference 2023 was a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle for justice, and it has left us with a renewed sense of purpose and hope.”

The lead organizer, Ambassador Dr. Tauheedah Bronner, along with her great team ran a most successful Convention. “We are not stopping here” declared Attorney Malik Shabazz, as we are in the process of planning the next Convention to be held in the Washington, DC area in March 2024. “We are taking our Reparations Program on the road to reach as many of our people as we can”. Reparations are obtainable but we believe that it must be done through an organized effort. Organizing the organizations was the mission of this Convention so that we speak with one voice.

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